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Official Forum Rules

Post by Wedge Hawkins on Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:56 am

The main rules:

-Extremely offensive language, including sexually explicit phrases, racist terms, intolerant or homophobic expressions etc. are obviously not permitted, and all members agreed to this when signing up for an account on this forum.
-Bumping topics is allowed, but only if the person doing so is attempting to make a new conversation and not just pointlessly grave-digging topics. Topics that are uselessly bumped will be locked on sight.
-No double-posting. Use Edit Button and Multi-Quote for bypassing double posts. The only exception is if the first is relatively old.
-No insulting, bullying, fighting with or harassing staff and other members (this applies for in-game too).
-Be mature. No insulting new members.
-No spamming or pornographic content.

...and that's it. You were warned.

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