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About REVA

Post by Wedge Hawkins on Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:59 am


Revenant Express is YSFlight's only (known) active cargo airline. The VA, which was founded by HawkbitAlpha in August 2016 with the remaining assets of the ill-fated Intercontinental Airways (2011-2014, shut down 2016), is meaningfully named, having risen from its predecessor's remains.

We here at REVA have a goal similar to IAVA, as well as a new resolve to learn from the massive mistakes of the first venture.

HawkbitAlpha - Founder, CEO
FairchildHawker - Interim EXO


If you are reading this, and wish to join Revenant Express as a pilot, refer to this section. The section contains a stickied topic with a short form to fill out, which new pilots are to answer and post in their own application topic. The staff team will review the application and decide on whether or not it gets accepted.


Although formal training is not officially offered by REVA, it is possible to get help from other pilots should you need it. REVA, just like its passenger airline predecessor, is built on a system of join-and-fly, and as such, does not concern itself with unnecessary procedures. However, a "pilot's handbook" was written by IAVA figurehead acf492, which may assist new pilots considerably.


Pilots are required to log their hours manually on the forum, and thus, must record their own departure/arrival times in-game. At the end of every month, everyone's time tables will be added together to produce a total sum of hours flown by all of Revenant Express over the past month.

~Staff team; HawkbitAlpha and FairchildHawker
Wedge Hawkins
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Chief Executive Officer

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